Just Like Family

Rahim Damji

Travel expert. Typical zombie fanatic. Internet aficionado. Subtly charming social mediaholic.

Shawn Dina
General Manager - Vancouver

Software Guru, Web Champion, SEO Legend and the one that makes your Digital Dreams come

James Huber
Regional Manager - Calgary

Alcohol expert. Coffee practitioner. Incurable web evangelist. Tv nerd. Prone to fits of apathy.zing engagement.

Rahim Charania
Regional Manager - Ontario

General student. Professional tv enthusiast. Social media fan. Communicator. Internet expert. Award-winning musicaholic. Writer.

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TreeTrunk Marketing (TTM)

TreeTrunk Marketing (TTM) – A Division of TreeTrunk Group (TTGr), is a unique marketing brand that believes in making world class marketing, affordable and available to business owners and consumers. Following TreeTrunk Group’s guidelines and principals of innovation and forward thinking-ness, TreeTrunk Marketing has pioneered numerous marketing solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage.

TreeTrunk Group of Companies (TTGr)

TreeTrunk Group of Companies (TTGr) is a company whose primary focus is to create innovative and profitable products and solutions to meet various needs created by the changes occurring in the world. TreeTrunk Group. strongly believes that the key to success is a combination of adaption and adaptation as well as forward thinking and innovation. Through the adherence to these principals, as well as a strong moral compass, both intrinsic and extrinsic wealth is inevitable.

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