Save time on these Real Estate services and have more freedom!

marketing for real estate companies

We all (as Real Estate agents) know how stressful it can be when trying to multi-task all the details that go into a listing. From measurements, to photographs to sign installs and removals plus not to mention all the marketing efforts. It can be quite tedious and time consuming.


“Thankfully, TreeTrunk has been there for me. I have been able to focus on selling more homes. While they take care of all the mundane tasks. After all, being a Real Estate agent is what I wanted to be, not a photographer. I now have more free time to spend with my family or even on vacation..”


Full Service Real Estate measurements, photos,  ads + more

Here are a list of just some of the services TreeTrunk Marketing handles:

  1. Measurements (RMS)
  2. Photography (HD) + Slideshow
  3. Laser Targeted SMM Advertising (Social Media)
  4. Sign Installation
  5. Full Listing


With these services offered in complete packages you can rest assured that your listing will move fast. Save time, effort and energy with TreeTrunk’s services.

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